PatchMap Software Update and Registration Tool

General FAQs - Download Times

Please be advised that even though the update can be done through the Garmin to the SD card, copying the files after download to the SD card takes longer, approx 15% longer through the Garmin depending upon the Garmin unit.

Copying to the SD card using an SD card reader takes approximate 20 minutes. The approximate time for a Garmin is 28 minutes. The download from our server is not affected by the device housing the SD card, but your Internet connection speed does affect the download speed.
Each Internet connection is different.

These are the approximate uninterrupted download times for the PatchMap package:

These times are just an approximate calculation.

To figure out the approximate time it will take to download and update your SD card, take the time related to your Internet connection speed and add the time for the type of device you are using to hold your PatchMap SD card, then add 10 minutes because it is always slower than the math indicates it should be.

For example:

15 Mbps -> Garmin = 2 hour , 8 minutes approx. ( 1h, 30m + 28m + 10m)
25 Mbps -> SD card reader = 1 hour, 35 minutes approx ( 1h, 5m + 20m + 10m).

** Add 10 minutes to that because it never goes as fast as the math says it should.